Need to get a hold of me?

The fastest most effective way to get hold of me would be to call or text me on my phone: (306) 491-4030. The next best way would be to email me at my business or personal email address and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I'm usually on skype later in the afternoon, after 6pm EST until 9pm EST.

Contact Info


(306) 491-4030






Payment Info

I accept payments through Paypal to my personal email account, cheques mailed to my home address (provided on invoice or upon request) and finally bank or money transfers to my bank through Interact or whatever means used. Generally, I do not release project files until I receive proof of payment. If the situation allows it, I will also accept cash.

How much?

If you are on a budget and are wondering how much a prospective project might cost you, go ahead and shoot me an email. I'll send you an estimate and break down of the price and you can make an informed decision from there! I should warn you though, I am so painfully affordable that you'll wonder why you even bothered!