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It may become clear to you as you browse through my website that my design style has an underlying theme, one that is shared by many: Less is more. That doesn't mean that there's any less thought in the design though, that's for sure, and it also doesn't mean I'm not capable of other styles, but it is my most fleshed out artistic style.


I try to accomodate any project that falls on my lap. I do freelance as a way to design things I normally wouldn't get the chance to do at my day job. So, if you have a project in mind, but it doesn't look like I've done it before, give me a holler all the more and we'll talk!

+ Logo Design

I've had the privilege to work with some great people over the past few years. Some you may have seen, but most likely you haven't since I tend to work for smaller clients. Some may see this as a con, but on the contrary, it has taught me how to design for a client with intimate designer/client relationships.

See some of my Logos Designs here

+ Print Design

I was lucky enough to have worked with a couple who were getting married and they couldn't get their designer to finish their wedding program on time. I was honored to help them fulfill their dream wedding, however small of an assistance I provided. I've also made countless posters for events, advertising or for many other occassions.

See some of my Print Designs here

+ Web Design

What initially jump started my love for design was when I designed my first t-shirt for my friend's band. Ever since then, I have constantly had jobs asking me to design t-shirts. College t-shirts, highschool sweaters, band fan-shirts, event staff shirts, and more.

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Project Based Pricing

All work is billed on a per project basis. I will always bill in Canadian dollars and generally do not include tax (GST or PST) in the final price, but this may change upon the project. Please contact me to get a free quote on your project.


I can usually take on two to three projects at a time, depending on how heavy the workloads are. Also, in general, all design projects will last at least 2 full work weeks, 10 works days, or else it is subject to a rush fee.

Rush Fee

If a project needs to be done as soon as possible (within 10 days), an hourly rate of $60/hour will be added on top of the previously quoted price of the project. While the turn around time can be as soon as 2 days, I highly do not recommend this as project quality tends to suffer compared to the alternative.


If you don't see an answer to your question, please feel free to contact me via email or phone!

+ I need a project done in three days, can you handle that?

Sure I can handle that, the question is, can your wallet handle that? A rushed project has two unavoidable consequences: Lower quality work than if done over a longer period of time and a higher hourly rate due to overtime work. Generally, you want to avoid rush jobs, but if it has to be done, it has to be done, right? Find out more in the "Hire Me" tab.

+ I don't see you having done _______ before? Can you design/make one for me?

I welcome almost any creative challenge with open arms! Part of the reason I still do freelance despite designing all day is to have opportunities to try different kinds of projects!

+ Is your hourly rate really non-negotiable?

If you're friends or family, or maybe even a non-profit, we might have some things we can talk about.

+ Do you own a Panda?

I wish... But that would also be illegal, so no.

+ Does your gallery show everything you've ever designed?

Not quite. There are many more that I didn't show for one reason or another.

+ How does working with you work if I'm in a different country?

I email you. Like a lot. I like to keep my clients in the loop and get their feedback at certain milestones during the project.

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Pandasigns (Panda Designs) all started when a friend asked me to design a t-shirt for his band. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a huge turning point in my life. Since my university didn't offer any graphics design courses, I decided to continue with my Psychology major, keeping in mind that the knowledge of how and why people act may come in handy for advertising and socializing with clients in the future.

Thanks to a lot of support, I got a job in my university working with the Enrollment Department as a part-time graphics designer. I worked there for two years as I finished my degree earning as much work experience as I could under the shadow of the true professionals.

Even though I've been designing for clients ever since late 2009, the name Pandasigns didn't really appear until early 2010 when the name hit me after talking with a friend. Pandas, my favorite animal, and design, my favorite hobby. Together, it represents what I want to accomplish in my freelance: a way for people to realize their rare ideas into reality.