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Pandasigns (Panda Designs) began back in 2010 when a friend asked me to design a t-shirt for his band. That turned out to be a huge turning point in my life that has ripples to today. I never knew people could get paid to make pretty pictures, yet here I am doing exactly that many years later.

Since my university didn't offer any graphics design courses, I finished my university years with a Bacherlors in Psychology as the knowledge gleaned from that would come in handy as I continued to puruse a life in design, marketing and web development.

From the humble beginnings of a part-time graphic designer for my university, I've continued Pandasigns as a creative outlet for myself, and a way for people to get their ideas out to the world, one project at a time.

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“Design is thinking made visual.”
-Saul Bass

Kenny at a restaurant